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The following grades of competition are to be offered for the 2014 season:

  • Men A & B (subject to nominations)
  • Women A & B (subject to nominations)
  • Juniors (mixed) Under 16 (born 1998 or later) - A, B & C grades
  • Junior Girls 1) In the girls only competition, players may be drawn from registrations within that team and girls from Junior B or C grades, and
    2) Girls registered in the girls only competition shall only be eligible to play in the junior mixed competition if they are also registered with a junior mixed team.

The 2014 competition will commence as follows:

  • Seniors - Week commencing 17th March – Nominations close Saturday 1st March, 2014
  • Juniors (A, B, C) - Week commencing 17th March – Nominations close Saturday 8th March, 2014
  • Half Field - Week commencing 28th April
  • Grand finals (tentatively) - Week commencing 8th September

The fee structure for 2014 is:

  • TEAM NOMINATIONS (Minimum of 7 players per team)
    • Senior teams         First team - $2,000* ($1,800 in 2013)
                                      Subsequent teams - $1,500* ($1,450 in 2013)                  
                                      Additional players over full team (14) per division - $120
      Payments due:        50% on Saturday 1st March, 2014; 25% on 1st April, 2014; last 25% on 1st May, 2014
    • Junior teams         First team - $1500* ($1,450 in 2013)
                                      Each subsequent team - $1,000* ($1,150 in 2013)
                                      Additional players over full team (14) per division - $80
      Payments due:      50% on Saturday 8th March, 2014; 25% on 1st May, 2014; last 25% on 1st June, 2014
  • * If paid by the due date, a 10% credit note will be issued to the Club

    NOTE: These fees do not include any allocation for training

  • PLAYER AFFILIATION (to cover NSW Affiliation fees, insurances, Shoalhaven affiliation)
    • Senior players (over 18 - born earlier than 1996) - $161.20* per player ($137.50 in 2013) (reduces to $60 if registered with NSW through another Association)
      Payments due:        Within 7 days of invoices (issued 1st of each month)
      Junior players (Under 18 - born 1996-2004) - $90.25* per player ($79.50 in 2012)  (reduces to $30 if registered with NSW through another Association)
      Payments due:     Within 7 days of invoices (issued 1st of each month)
      Sub Junior players (Under 9 - born 2005 or after) - $30 per player ($30 in 2013)
      Payments due:       With team nomination
      Non playing members - $30 per person ($30 in 2013)

Team player lists are to be supplied prior to the 3rd competition round (Minimum of 7 players per team)

    • Senior teams        Friday 4th April, 2014
    • Junior teams         Friday 4th April, 2014


The following fee structure for training will apply:

  • Full field for 1 hour (under training lights) = $110
  • Half field for 1 hour (under training lights) = $60
  • Half field for one hour (no lights) = $50
  • This fee will apply for bookings made. Bookings will be made in blocks of 2 months with payment in advance on a prescribed order form. (NOTE: A 10% discount will apply if paid on or prior to due date.)
  • Only cancellation will be for lightning cancellation

Nominations for the following Junior Representative Coaches are to be lodged with the Secretary by 1st March 2013:


The following fine schedule be adopted for 2014:

  • Failure to umpire $50 (with $25 being reimbursed to the replacement club in addition to umpire fee)
  • Un-notified forfeit $100 ( Less than 48 hrs notice to the Secretary)
  • Failure to undertake Duty* $100 (with $50 being distributed amongst disadvantaged parties)
  • Protest deposit $100

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Local Playing Rules

Local Shoalhaven Rules

Several local rules/conditions apply to the game played in the Shoalhaven:


  • All senior games are to be 35 minutes each half with a 5 minute break.
  • All junior games are to be 25 minutes each half with a 5 minute break.
  • No game shall be postponed due to lack of umpires. Captains are to appoint umpires. See Umpire Allocation Procedure
  • Up to 3 interchange players may be used in each game (except the lowest junior grade, where interchange is permitted to allow all players to have a game). Names and shirt numbers are to be recorded on card


  • A forfeit may be claimed if after 10 minutes, the opposing team cannot take the field with 7 or more players. A scorecard must be completed. See Forfeit Procedure.


  • All details must be completed including grade, team, final score, players (including substitutes) and any disciplinary cards issued during the game.
  • Any injury is to be written on the scorecard.
  • Completed scorecards should be sent to the Registrar to reach him within 24 hours.


  • The Executive will make any decision and have this broadcast as early as possible. If time permits, clubs will be notified by email and/or phone.
  • Any Saturday game will be deferred to the Sunday of the following weekend. If this day is washed out the games will be abandoned and declared draws.


  • Players issued with disciplinary cards (or equivalent) shall accumulate points on the following basis: Green = 1pt, Yellow = 3pts. Once accumulating 10pts the player will be suspended for one competition day. Discipline points are also deducted from the player's Best & Fairest tally.
  • On the issue of a red card, the umpire is to provide a written report to the Secretary within 48 hours. A Judiciary meeting will then be called. A red card is equivalent to 10 pts deducted from the B & F tally. A player receiving a red card cannot participate in any other match on that day. See Judiciary Procedure


  • A team playing with 9 or more players MUST have a goalkeeper, equipped with helmet, pads and kickers.
  • No field player shall have goalkeeper privileges without goalkeeper equipment (Helmet, pads & kickers)
  • In the lowest Junior grade the following rules shall apply:
    • there shall be no restriction on the number of players allowed for interchange
    • in the interest of player safety:the ball shall generally be played along the ground,
    • the stick should not be raised above the shoulder in general play so as to intimidate players from tackling,
    • the game shall be umpired in accordance with the guidelines shown in Competition Rules Annexure A.
  • A player's registration within a division does not become effective until he/she has participated in at least 1 game in that Division.
  • Late registrations (until 30/6) must be notified to the Registrar by 8PM in the evening two (at least 48 hours) days prior to the game day/time. After 30/6 any new registration must be approved by the Executive.


  • It is the responsibility of the duty club to provide ground control at their allotted home field. 
  • All games are to start on time, especially Junior matches which are to be centrally timed.
  • At the Nowra field locations the duty club is to operate the Association canteen. See Canteen Procedure


  • Clubs may be fined for various matters - failure to umpire, unnotified forfeit or other incident which, in the Executive's opinion, brings the game into disrepute.

World Hockey - 2013 Rules of Hockey

How to play Outdoor Hockey - Basic Rules





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